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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  July 18, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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good afternoon, i'm grace lee. frank has the afternoon off.
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right now, community groups are gathering in san francisco. they are demanding accountability after a deadly police shooting. now, this follows differing accounts from police and witnesses of what led up to the killing of a 19-year-old man. elizabeth wenger is in san francisco, at the scene of the rally. good afternoon, elizabeth. >> good afternoon, grace. that's right, we're waiting for this news conference set to begin at any minute now. these activist groups are asking for three things, a civilian review board, the fbi to investigate the officer-involved shooting and they want the district attorney off the case. they say it is a conflict of interest because he is the former san francisco police chief. today we've been learning a lot more about the suspect as well in this officer-involved shooting. apparently, he has had a long rap sheet, a long history of violence. with some crimes dating back to his early teens. this is a man authorities say was killed in an officer-involved shooting. in san francisco's bayview
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district. he is 19-year-old kenneth harding. he is a parolee from washington state. and a person of interest in the shooting of four people in seattle last week that killed one woman. the washington department of corrections says his rap sheet is long and it includes offenses like child rape and promoting prostitution among other felony charges. he was only recently released from prison. >> we want to see the evidence. link the body to the crime scene in seattle. >> reporter: community activists remain vigilant in their fight for justice. ar the deadly shooting in san francisco. this is youtube video posted by a witness. officers had tried to help when things turned violent. some at the scene claim police shot an unarmed man. >> he had his hands up in the air at the time he was shot. >> reporter: police tracked down a gun picked up by a passer-by at the scene, police believe it is the same weapon the suspect used to shoot at officers.
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activists like militia whose son was also killed in an officer-involved shooting 10 years ago is not buying it. >> this is a civil rights movement. this is plantation mentality. we are not having this. >> reporter: and folks here made it very clear, this is a news conference. not a protest. and who is gathered here? a clergy member. we have community activists. as well as i spoke to one mother who grew up in the bay view district and came here to find answers as to what exactly is going on. grace, back to you. >> all right, elizabeth wepbg -- wepbg ner san francisco, thank you. a gun battle shakes an east bay neighborhood. two shootles, just 30 minutes apart, leave a man and woman dead. officer hudson reports that a feud between violent factions might connect the crimes. >> reporter: neighbors drop off flowers this morning to remember the two shot and killed in last
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night's double homicide. >> oh, man. >> right here. >> reporter: richmond police arrived on the scene at 10:15 sunday night at the 400 block of bristol avenue. they found two people dead on the sidewalk. a man and a woman in their 30s. another woman was critically injured. she was taken to the hospital and expected to survive. >> going through this area, there are drugs. prostitution. and everything. that's really scary. >> reporter: this neighbor who did not want to be identified say police had to escort her into her house when she returned home last night and found her street lit up as a crime scene. the lieutenant says this shooting may be in retaliation to an earlier shooting. about 30 minutes before. as part of an ongoing feud between two rival groups. >> we have some kind of feud going on between north richmond and our central richmond area. we don't know exactly what that is at this time. we are trying to figure that out.
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so that we can prevent any future shootings. >> that was ander hudson reporting. an overnight shooting in san jose has sent three people to the hospital. officers were called to jeannie avenue on the city's east side, just after 11:00 last night. that's where they found two adults and a teenager who had been shot. san jose police are now investigating to determine if that shooting was gang-related. tickets are planned this afternoon against u.s. airways at san francisco international airport. protesters want the airline to meet with the naacp about the deshawn marvin case. last month, marvin was removed from a flight and arrested after he allegedly refused to pull up his sagging pants. well, the naacp claims that this was a case of racial profiling. get ready for longer waits at the courthouse. this morning, 200 superior court workers in san francisco received pink slips. and the layoffs are because of state budget cuts, which are
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expected to affect courts in other counties as well. and hardest hit will be the civil court. this will likely mean longer waits for procedures like civil suits, divorces, restraining orders, and clearing up traffic tickets. 22 san jose firefighters who were laid off last year will begin retraining today. they were rehired on friday. after the city received a two-year federal grant. after several weeks of a refresher academy, they are expected to be back on duty by september. 27 other firefighters have found other jobs since they were laid off. the city will have to hire replacements for them. out at muni, in at bart. that could be the story for nathaniel ford. the chronicle reports the headhunter has approached ford about the general manager's job at bart. ford was recently forced out of that top job at san francisco's muni system. now being considered to replace dorothy dugger, forced out as
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bart's gm. other headlines making news around the bay area, a bay area man is under arrest for making threats to senator barbara boxer. police say kevin o'connell of san rafael called the senator's work voice mail and left death threats during the week of july 10. o'connell is charged with making criminal threats and is expected to face a judge tomorrow. state lawmakers are now looking into why shuttle buses are exempt from laws that require seatbelts. this comes after last week's deadly accident involving a uc san francisco shuttle bus that killed kevin mack, a psychiatrist and associate professor at the school. this week, washington gets back to the business of trying to settle the debt debate. lawmakers are looking for a pair of plans each designed to get the debt limit raised in time. and as daniel notingham reports, neither one has broad support. >> reporter: the august 2 deadline to raise the debt limit is looming. but lawmakers are still at odds
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over how to get the job done. and americans are not happy with the long debate. a new cbs news poll says 48% disapprove of the way president obama is handling the negotiations. 58% disapprove of how the democrats are doing. and 71% disapprove of how republicans are handling talks. the president met with g.o.p. leaders at the white house last night. democrats are pushing for the so-called grand bargain that combines some tax increases with about $4 trillion in spending cuts. republicans don't support it. tomorrow, the house is expected to vote on the tea party's plan called cut, cap and balance. it calls for immediate budget cuts, a cap on future spending, and a constitutional amendment requiring a balanced budget. that plan is likely to pass in the house. but it doesn't have much support in the senate. >> no one believes, there are 67 votes, or any version of that. >> reporter: senate leaders are working on their own plan.
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it gives the president the power to raise the debt limit on his own, unless lawmakers vote to block him. but so far their plan does not include any spending cuts. some in congress say the senate plan solves nothing. >> it takes the pressure off of all of the politicians but allows us to pass a debt limit without making the hard choices that this country has to make. >> time is running out for lawmakers to make those choices. if they don't, the country could default on its loans for the first time in history. danielle notingham, cbs news, washington. well, protesting an airport aáts pat-down by groping a tsa agent and she has become a facebook darling. 61-year-old yukar melhami from colorado was arrested at the phoenix airport. police say she refused a security screening thursday afternoon and grabbed a female tsa agent breasts with both hands. she is facing one count of
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felony sex abuse. authorities are being asked to acquit her from facebook. the britain phone hacking sandal takes down more top officials. how the nation's top lawmakers plan to deal with this growing crisis. and where is casey anthony? even her parents don't know. the text message they say they received just after her release. airlines charge a fee on almost everything. how the government is stepping in to figure out why. and we saw a little bit of cloud cover out there this morning. but we're already starting to warm up outside. the temperatures are climbing a degree, by degree. we will have a real warmup in store by midweek. we will tell you how hot we will get coming up. ,,,,,,,,
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the americ with that shot, japan's national women's soccer team won the world cup. they beat the americans 3-1 in penalty kicks. the japanese during that game fought back, coming from behind twice, and tying the game 2-2 in overtime. this is japan's first appearance in a final. and its first world cup championship. it is a major development in the phone hacking scand until britain. the whistle blower in the story has been found dead. police found the man's body in his home in england and say his death is not considered suspicion. as tina krause reports, the scandal is now widespread, reaching the top brass of london's police department. >> reporter: a senior london police officer has resigned after being suspended in the phone hacking and bribery scandal engulfing britain. assistant commissioner john yates decided not to reopen an investigation two years ago, into allegations journalists at the news of the world were listening in on voice mails. his resignation comes on the
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heels of london's police chief stepping down sunday. >> britain's prime minister is calling for an emergency session of parliament, to deal with the crisis. he is also cutting his trip to south africa short, as he tries to reassure the public the investigation will be fair. >> the metropolitan police service inquiry must go wherever the evidence leads. they should investigate without fear or favor. >> reporter: britain's serious fraud office could be next to launch a probe into the phone hacking allegations. the government anti-fraud agency is also ready to help u.s. authorities who were looking into whether 9/11 families were hacking victims. rupert murdoch, his son james and murdoch's former british ceo rebecca brooks will likely face punishing questions from lawmakers when this he appear before parliament tuesday. brooks was arrested over the weekend. and released on bail. she spent hours answering questions. about what she knew about hacking, while she was in charge. >> she is not guilty of any
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criminal thing. >> reporter: police arrested at least 10 people in connection with the investigation. but no one has been charged with any crime yet. tina krause, cbs news london. >> and in the meantime, casey anthony is now a free woman after being acquitted of killing her daughter. protesters yelled out at her when she was released from a florida jail yesterday. she stepped into a waiting suv, apparently relishing her new-found freedom. right now, even anthony's parents say they do not know where she is, and have not spoken to her since 2008, but they say that now, they would like to. >> regardless of everything else that happened in the trial, still their daughter. >> she is going to need a period of solitude. of prayer. of quiet reflection. >> reporter: despite her release, anthony still faces legal problems. a group that helped search for her daughter is suing for hundreds of thousands of
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dollars. and prosecutors are trying to recoup the costs of their investigation. coming up, keeping your kids safe on the roads. who researchers say parents may want to put behind the wheel. we are sweltering and we're just asking for some relief here. >> water, water water. >> the heat is on. how most of the midwest is coping with some sweltering temperatures. well, no heat wave here in the bay area but temperatures are warming up. you're finally going to be able to put the winter coat away. plenty of blue skies out there. we will tell you how hot we will get when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a sweltering heat wave continues to grip much of the nation's midsection. hid advisories and warnings are -- heat advisories and warnings up up in 17 states from texas to michigan. at a minnesota twins baseball game the heat index was more than 100 degrees. several fans ended up needing medical attention for dehydration. in oklahoma, it has been over 100 for 27 days so far this year. hard to imagine that suffering when it is so cool here in the bay area. >> i know. it doesn't feel like it could possibly be the same forecast. and we're starting to warm up here but nothing as drastic as what we're seeing in the rest of the country. for those of you who have been waiting to put tank tops back on, the time is now. that weather is back in the picture this week. plenty of plu skies outside with a -- blue skies outside right
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now. san jose is looking pretty clear. around the bay shore and the coast. some cloud cover but plenty of blue. check out the shot from the roof cam. that was gray a week ago. a sky of gray. here is the blue, what everyone is waiting for. partly cloudy conditions this afternoon. a slight chance of seeing some sprinkles north of the golden gate bridge today. bay and coast are going to see pretty pleasant conditions this afternoon. a mix of sunshine and clouds. temperatures on the mild side. and tonight, we will start to see some clouds build back in at the bay and the coast and clear in the inland spots. we are in the clear right now. you can see here. but this is the system sitting to the north of us, bringing rain to the areas to the north but that might bring a slight chance of sprinkles. nothing to worry about. not enough to keep the umbrella out. don't worry, this low in the picture bringing cooler weather. still unseasonably low and slowly heating up because of the high pressure that will be building in and bringing us much warmer temperatures midweek. for today, the forecast in northern california looks like this, sacramento, 85. and 95 in fresno. reading at 84. highs neighborhood by neighborhood looks like this.
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78 for millipitas. also seeing 82 for santa clara. and for -- excuse me for los gatos today. and 78 for los altos. highs in the east bay, 83 in ant ant -- ant yock. and 73 as a high. and 76 for benecia. and 68 for san francisco. the warmup is conditioning as we make our way into tuesday and -- continuing as we make our way into tuesday and wednesday. we are going to cool off but mid-90s midweek and then by the week, 90-degree territory. how is that looking? >> it is looking nice. it is funny, when the sun finally came out, it is blinding because it is so long since we've seen it. >> we will take it. thanks. another bill could soon be introduced to help combat airline baggage fees. senator charles schumer of new york says if airline does not start reimbursing passengers for luggage fees, when their bags are lost, he will introduce a bill to make it the law. and a new great -- regulation by
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the department of transportation will go into effect next month only if the bags are lost permanently. the government wants to know more about the fees the airline is charging. the transportation department is proposing new rules that would require airlines to break down those fees by the type of item or service purchased. and now that includes everything from pillows and blankets to entertainment, and as well as all of those snacks that we like to get. kids may be safest in the car. when a grand parent is behind the wheel. hard to believe, but that's the word from the new study which found children are half as likely to suffer an injury in a car when riding with grandma or grandpa instead of a parent. now, the reason, researchers believe grandparents may drive more carefully, when a grandchild is in the car. well, the oscars may no longer be the hottest ticket in town. the other star-studded event gaining popularity among the biggest celebrities.
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with the stars" may be having an effect on the marine corps ball. >> betty white. she is just funny. and sweet. and she is mature. she is an all around perfect woman. >> sergeant ray lewis posted this video on youtube asking betty white to the ball, and in the video he told white that he will be performing at the dance, and promised her a good time. so we will just have to see if justin timberlake and others like betty weight make it to the marine corps ball. >> she is a class action. i hope she makes it.
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